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Develop a network in which you can exchange information and share ideas with like-minded peers well after the conference.

Our visionary keynotes and session speakers aren't the only source of learning at #Clab. Your fellow 1,000+ attendees will become a valuable network of friends helping you solve your toughest challenges when you return to the office, and for years to come!

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2017CL AB Conference held in Miami from August 30 to September 1, will be an excellent opportunity for participants to get to know and exchange ideas on the trends and challenges that the banking industry is facing, experts will share topics such as FinTech , Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Big Data, and Cyber ​​Security among others.

-Gustavo Vega Villamil

ACH Colombia

It was truly a pleasure to participate in the CLAB Conference. I enjoyed very much the atmosphere of openness to exchange ideas and that of participants that are eager to learn and share.I see gatherings as a great opportunity to solve common problems while most players are together. Some of us can bring unusual thinking to the solution.

- Julius O. Akinyem

Founder/CEO-UWIN Corp,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Clab has already become a common space - and perhaps the most important in Latin America - in which banks set our innovation agendas, share experiences, and know the cases of success in the hands of their own makers.

-Patricia Parente

Commercial Intelligence Manager,
Banco Ciudad