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FinTEKNEWS – Florida Emerging As A Major Fintech Epicenter

Cindy Taylor/Publisher – Is this the best kept secret in fintech?  Maybe.  While everyone is gazing at New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago and Atlanta, Florida is steadily gaining in traction in fintech and could emerge as a powerful new fintech epicenter for North America.  First, Miami is the unofficial banking capital of Latin America, that much is known.  Then there’s major financial firms there, like FIS, SS&C Advent, Tradestation, MIAX Options Exchange and scores of international banks & fintechs serving LatAm in Miami. 

On top of that, hedge funds are moving operations to Florida in droves for the tax advantages (not to mention the better weather than the Northeast).  Then there’s the brilliant new fintech accelerator TheVenture.City which recently opened its doors to much fanfare in Miami Beach.  We could keep going on and on, but suffice it to say that there is a very REAL and EMERGING fintech sector growing up in Florida, and Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA) is doing their part to keep that fact front and center.  If you’re in Miami on August 30th, check this event out.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“(Miami, August 3rd 2017) – FIBA – Florida International Bankers Association announced a new event will be taking place in Miami on Wednesday August 30th to connect FinTechs and Banks: “FIBATech”.

David Schwartz, President and CEO, FIBA:

“I am pleased to announce that FIBA will be organizing a new event, “FIBATech – Connecting FinTechs and Banks”, that will explore the innovation and disruption that technology has brought to the financial services industry through demos from FinTech companies in the fields of blockchain, payments and lending, and panel discussions between FinTech companies, bankers and technology experts and consultants.”

Alexander Sjogren, CTO, YellowPepper will be the the keynote speaker sharing his insigths in a session named Helping Banks Go Digital, following the panel Opportunities in the Current Fintech Marketplace. The panel will be moderated by Dario Fuentes, Managing Partner, Innovative Pace, and panelists will be Jorge Ruiz, Tech Founder and CEO, Above and Beyond
, Allan Cuelli, Director, Latin America & the Caribbean, VISA, and Roberto Gomes, Executive Director, Financial Services Technology, North LatAm, EY.

Following the first Demo session and before the second one takes place, Claudio Fiorillo, Senior Partner, Head of Financial Industry LatAm, Deloitte, will moderate Joe Dewey, Partner, Holland& Knight
, Thomas Wenrich, CEO, LAB Miami Ventures
, Carlos Kuchkovsky, CTO – New Digital Business, BBVA, and Brian Graham, CEO, AlliancePartners, in the session How to partner with Banks: Opportunities and Obstacles.

August 3, 2017By Karina ZayasClab in the News

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